Custom Framing is just that - custom designed to bring out the best in your picture.
Sure, you can go to a discount store and buy a frame, put your picture in it, and save
a lot of money. However, custom framing is much more than that. First, everything
is cut to size for that picture - no having to put a 4 x 6 in a 5 x 7 spot. Second, the materials used are for the protection of and to promote the beauty of the item being framed. Matting protects the object from adhering to the glass, proper adhesives prevent yellowing and discoloration, UV glass protects from fading, and proper backing materials help prevent dust and mold from getting inside and damaging the item. Plus you get exactly the frame you want, instead of settling for what a discount store carries.

Below are pictures of the same photo framed two ways. The one on the left is with what you can find at a discount store, the one on the right is custom framed. In addition to using conservation methods to protect the photo over time, the custom framed picture shows a depth of color that you do not have in the other. Custom framing will preserve your item over the generations to come with minimal fading unlike frames & glass purchased from a discount store. Preserve not only the moment, but protect the moment as well.
Althouse Custom Picture Framing
Why Custom Picture Frame?