Althouse Custom Picture Framing
In 2009 we won 2nd Place in the PPFA Arizona State Print Competition and were a finalist in the 2009 PPFA International Print Competition .  The item to be framed was a Victorian Style necklace.  We chose to frame it using the idea of a necklace for a very prima donna cat, Yavin.
We stacked two mouldings - one a modern mat black frame and the inner a Victorian style silver wood frame.  The necklace was hand sewn to the photo using nylon thread (not fishing line). The overall effect was a very cool 3D image. The glazing was museum glass (no glare) placed between the two frames. The inner frame acted as the spacer to prevent the glazing from touching the object or the picture.
Conservation methods were used in the framing of this item.
We are very excited to be entering the 2012 print competition which will involve the framing of a petroglyph (painted rock).  Will keep you posted on how we do.  Check our Facebook page for updates.